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Name: Alison Shaw
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Art Media: Digital and Traditional Drawing
Artist Bio: My name is Alison Shaw, and I'm a designer and artist who specializes in drawing and digital work. I have a BA in Fine Art and English from the University of Waterloo, and currently own my small design business from home. My art is usually started traditionally, scanned, and edited digitally, giving me a wide range of options for effects and colours. While I have a penchant for floral work, I also love experimenting with different styles and methods.
Previous Shows: UWAG, 2015
ForestCity Comicon, 2015 & 2016
FanExpo, Toronto - September 1-4, 2016
TriCon, KW - Jan 14, 2017
Waterloo Public Library, March 2017
Location Showing: 11 Rock Avenue Kitchener ON

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