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Name: Florence Marino
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Art Media: Illuminated letters in permanent ink on fine paper
Artist Bio: I started doing calligraphy when I was 12 years old. My grandfather, a NYC fireman, did large calligraphic testimonials for fire department officials when they retired; I never met my grandfather but his work hung in my house and I learned by using his work as a guide. I have done large poems with elaborately decorated borders in his distinctive hand as well as wedding invitations for family members. Working full-time and with a busy life with 2 children, it was difficult to complete large works. I started doing single illuminated letters for family and friends. Recently, due to a life change, I started doing more calligraphy as a source of peace and a positive and constructive use of my mental energy. I am most inspired by examples from the 8th-16th century: I will often select a style and modify or embellish it with my own creative elements as well as mixing in elements from letters that may be from different periods. Each letter is unique. I do them freehand directly in coloured and metallic ink with no pencil drawing first. I use a straight edge for sharp lines where necessary.
Previous Shows: None
Location Showing: 700 Avondale Avenue Kitchener ON

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