Welcome To The Studio Tour

We are preparing for another Studio Tour. Artists are busy preparing and excitement is in the air. Watch for our brochures in Uptown Waterloo businesses as well as our posts on Facebook and Twitter. We saved the best for last; check out the story of the how the tour began more than 25 years ago... 

"The Mary-Allen Studio Tour has come from humble beginnings back in about 1989. Those were the days before a computer in every home, no cell phones and the daily newspaper being delivered to the majority of homes.

The idea came from a couple of sources. Margaret Rowell of the Historical Society, took interested persons on a walking tour of this historic neighbourhood and made the comment that there are a number of artistic people living in the area. At about the same time, Yvonne and Ray Stanton who lived on Allen St. at the time, had returned from Muskoka's Studio Tour and suggested that it could work in the neighbourhood. Also at that time, Eldon Leis and Jacquelyn Lumsden, neighbours across Herbert St. at Allen, were each holding a home sale of paintings and Bonsai trees and pottery, respectively. And so the seed of the idea was planted. Bruce Lumsden knocked on the doors of perspective participants and invited them to a meeting to get a sense of interest. Once the participants were signed on the work began.

It became a family affair with talented kids making hand-drawn posters for lawn signs to mark the homes and everyone pitched in to distribute small flyers in the neighbourhood and where ever else they could be displayed. An ad was placed in the Waterloo Chronicle as well.

Over the years, the tour has taken on sponsors and the advent of the digital age has greatly enhanced the ability to self publish a glossy brochure complete with pictures, maps and information. Now using the web site is further easing the burden of distribution of these brochures as are the many social media available. One of the greatest interests is still the interior of many of the stately older homes in the area and just walking the streets to enjoy a beautiful fall day.

Waterloo is a city full of talented persons who embrace all manner of the arts whether it be yarn, clay, beads, paint, canvas, photos, drums, found items, collectibles, wood or whatever the imagination can conjure up. It is truly inspiring to visit the locations on this tour and marvel in creativity. As we have said " Come on In" - we'd love to see you. It's all free for the perusal.

Jackie Lumsden"