Encaustic, coldwax artist and painter


Elvan is a local multi-genre artist and instructor. She is experienced on many diverse art forms, including acrylic paintings, oil paintings, Encaustic (beeswax + oil colour), Cold Wax Oil painting, mixed media and sculpture (Paverpol – fabric sculpture) and Turkish traditional art called ‘EBRU’.  Her artworks were displayed at The Art District gallery and many juried local and national art shows where she won many awards.

She teaches at Homer Watson, KWAG and at her home studio.  She also organizes art events for companies and groups for special occasions. 

In her culture, the name that is given to a child represents her or his personality for the rest of her/his life. Elvan means ‘COLOURFUL’ in her own language and her passion is to live up for the full extent of that meaning.


It’s her desire to show to people that art is not only a result, but it is also a process. That is one of the reasons you will see her artist hand in majority of her artwork whether it’s a texture or use of color.