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Over 30 years in the community!


The Mary-Allen Studio Tour came from humble beginnings in 1989, when Margaret Rowell of the Historical Society, hosted a walking tour of the historic neighbourhood and commented on the number of artistic people living in the area. At about the same time, Yvonne and Ray Stanton who lived on Allen Street suggested the neighbourhood host a studio tour. Eldon Leis and Jacquelyn Lumsden, neighbours across Herbert St. at Allen, each holding a home sales of paintings and Bonsai trees and pottery, respectively were enthusiastic to support the idea. 

While the tour has grown over the years to include homes in the Uptown neighbourhood of Avondale and Menno, as well as homes in Belmont Village the goal remains the same, to encouraging neighbours to get to know the talented artists living and working within the area. 

Waterloo is a city full of talented persons who embrace all manner of the arts whether it be yarn, clay, beads, paint, canvas, photos, drums, found items, collectibles, wood or whatever the imagination can conjure up. It is truly inspiring to visit the locations on this tour and marvel in the creativity.


As we have always said "Come on In" - we'd love to see you. 



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