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Danielle Saint-Onge How the Light Gets in #1.JPG

Danielle Saint-Onge




My paintings explore notions of interconnectedness, flexibility, and changing seasons. I believe in creating art that uplifts the spirit with vibrant colour and movement. I use florals as a tool to explore themes around relationships - with the self and the natural world. I work to depict the ebb and flow of life, to display the rhythms and cycles of water, wind, and nature in my pieces. My work is about connecting to joy. I began to paint during the pandemic as a way to connect to my mother, my daughter but also my online elementary students. Painting together was a way for us to be together virtually while being apart in person. The bright colours, bold palette knife strokes, and big blooms reflect the happiness that I feel when I paint but also when I share my creativity with others.

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