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Jane Seifried

Jane was born and raised in Kitchener.  Her full time employment, as a Paramedic, led her to the shores of Lake Huron in Bayfield, ON.  It is in Bayfield that she took a keen interest in Photography.  She challenged herself to learn the skills necessary to capture the beautiful sunsets she was witnessing.  She now states, “I see the world in photographs. As I drive along backroads, hike through natural landscapes or witness wildlife, people and pets; my mind tends to naturally frame up images.  I am intrigued by the art of photography.  It is a means to take what is right in front of us in this world and create a scene that makes you stop and stare for a moment.  I enjoy capturing images that warm the heart and bring a sense of calm and peacefulness.”  Jane’s style has been described as photographs that look like a painting.  Photography is a hobby that brings joy and presence to her life.  She is grateful when others find pleasure in her work.  

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