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Katherine Anderson


Meet Katherine Anderson, a self-taught artist from Kitchener Waterloo with a passion for mixed media. Beauty, creativity, and spiritual connection are at the heart of Katherine’s art. She draws inspiration from her walks along Lake Huron, Grand River, and in the forests of the KW area. She aims to translate her experiences of the natural world into visual images that evoke a sense of wonder, calm and spiritual inspiration.

Her work often incorporates abstract elements allowing her to experiment with different styles and techniques. Layers of paint, marker, alcohol ink, fabric, encaustic wax and tissue paper come together to create a sense of depth and texture such that the viewer can explore the artwork from different angles and perspectives. Some of her pieces are 3 dimensional involving raised parts of the image.

As an artist, Katherine loves to push boundaries and explore new ideas. She is not content to stick to one style, but rather enjoys the freedom of experimentation and the opportunity to grow and evolve her techniques. With every new piece she creates, she brings a unique perspective and a fresh approach, ensuring that her work is always exciting and full of energy. Whether you're drawn to her vibrant use of color, her intricate layering techniques, or the deeper themes and ideas behind her art, Katherine Anderson’s passionate artwork is sure to captivate.

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