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Hi, I’m Laura Cook, Photographic Artist! As a see-er and lover of beauty, I draw my inspiration from the overlooked beauty that surrounds. I create visual retreats to bring peace, joy & wonder to hearts & homes. My passion for photography was birthed 20 years ago. My work is an outflowing of the awe & wonder that I experience with my subjects. I fully immerse myself in the creative process, whether in field or studio. Thriving on versatility, I create with both natural & man-made beauty. My work is vast and ranges in subject matter, but it always celebrates the beauty that surrounds. I use the camera as my paintbrush, sometimes in true form of preserving what I see and other times abstracting reality. I enjoy creating in a range of styles including realism, minimalism, abstract & impressionism. I explore all my chosen subject matter with great care and passion. I provide an up close and personal view and I’m most passionate about the detail; line, colour & texture excites me. I am continuously pushing my creative boundaries to grow as an artist. It’s my mission to bring peace, joy & wonder to hearts & homes through my photographic art.

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