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Pamela Rojas

Pamela Rojas was born in Santiago, Chile. She is a muralist with over 22 years of experience,  having lived in four countries in three continents, she successfully brings a fresh perspective of the Latin American mural movement. Being raised in Chile shaped her perspective on social activism and inspired her to develop a naive Folk Art style to explore feminism, integration, social work, identity and environment issues in our society. 


Rojas is an international visual artist, immigrant, social activist, Art Educator, Community Builder, Artist in Resident, and entrepreneur in the art sector. Member of different art associations and board members: Art District Gallery, PMC, Public Education Working Group Waterloo Region, Feminine Harbor, Hispanic Association of KW.


She moved to Spain in 1995 where she studied in the prestigious ceramic school Della Robbia in Seville, where she finished the specialty of sculpture and modeling in ceramic. In 1996 she became the muralist assistant to the Spanish muralist Ximena Ahumada and for a few years they painted murals around the city with a group of women in need of social support and community integration.  


In 1999 Rojas moved to the USA and started to be an active member in the Arlington Lee community art center in Washington DC. She was the artist assistant of ceramist Alfredo Ratinoff in the creation of the ceramic mural for the Columbia library in Arlington. In 3 years, she moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where she worked in the Latino community centre as a resident artist, creating an art therapy group for mothers and children going through domestic violence.


Rojas moved to Canada in 2005 and she is an active artist member of the community. She has painted several murals in the Kitchener–Waterloo Region and Hamilton. She is the founder and artistic director of  Pomegranate Mural Collective and since 2014 she is the Art Director of Creative Space Program from the Resilience Project in The Family and Children's Services of Waterloo Region. In 2017 she became Artist facilitator in the Reception House.


Her studio is located at Globe Studios - Kitchener where she continuously creates, paints and develops new fusion artwork between her three passions: Ceramic, Paint and Ferrocement.

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